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Hydropower projects are tailor made. Even small hydro projects are to be planned and executed specifically to suit the site conditions so as to utilize the power potential optimally. Every hydro site has its own special features, which are to be carefully considered in planning and implementing the project, otherwise it will prove to be a costly exercise. This requires a team of experienced and dedicated specialists who will engineer the total project and offer total solution rather than piece meal solution.

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Who We Are

HYDROTECH CONSULTANTS are a unique team of professionals each a well qualified and experienced in a particular branch of hydropower projects. Along with the combined knowledge and experience of the individual specialists the experience gained during the execution of many small / mini hyder projects is invaluable and the team would like to share the same for the benefit of other small hydro power developers. This team is a unique one which has the experience of not only executing the hydro power project, but also have internal talents in design and manufacture of hydro power equipment giving a manufacturers’ perspective, the civil engineering consultants working for departments giving the organization departments’ perspective. Therefore, the consulting engineers are in a very good position to undertake the challenging jobs of hydropower development from concept to commissioning.

Hydrotech Consultants are reputed for excellent service and harmonious relation with customer.

Turnkey solutions from water to wire on all Engineering aspects of Small Hydro.

Why Hydroelectric power?

  • It is a renewable resource.
  • It is non-polluting.
  • It is environmentally benign.

Why Small Hydro?

  • De-centralized resource.
  • Insignificant environmental impact.
  • Minimal operational & maintenance costs.
  • Latest techniques have made SHPs economically attractive.
  • Financial & other incentives from Central & State Govt like interest, subsidy, tax holiday, exemption from excise / customs duties etc.