Services Provided by Hydrotech Consultants

  • Feasibility Reports / Detailed Project Reports
  • Technical Due Diligence Reports
  • Detailed Engineering / Owners Engineers Services
  • Quality Assurance and Inspection Services
Wanakbori in flood
  • Feasibility reports / Detailed Project Reports.
    • Technical discussions with the appropriate authorities such as Power Corporations, Electricity boards, Irrigation departments etc.
    • Study and analyze the site data including water flow data and survey data.
    • Undertake detailed study of alternative schemes and recommend the optimum scheme, on the basis of techno economic considerations.
    • Finalize the details of the hydroelectric project including civil, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical aspects.
    • Estimate the capital cost of E & M equipment based on preliminary sizing and the budgetary offers received from the manufacturers & suppliers and civil cost by the pre designs and quantity estimates.
    • Estimate the annual generation, unit cost of generation and the financial analysis including pay back period, cash flow, etc.
    • Submit a draft feasibility report to the customer covering the above aspects and the same will be finalized in consultation with the customer.
  • Design and detailed Engineering of Small Hydro projects.
    Procurement Services
    • Preparation of the detailed specification for the equipment and systems required for the project. (Preparation of bid documents for Electromechanical Equipment, including, Turbine, generator, gear boxes, governors, oil pumping unit, control panels, cooling and Dewatering pumps, auxiliaries including battery and charges cranes and hoists, lighting and ventilation of the power house, cables and ducting outdoor yard equipment including power transformer and switch gear, power evacuation / transmission lines, etc. and all other equipment required for the project) and for civil works all aspects.
    • Prepare the following bid packages
      • Electromechanical equipment.
      • Transmission Lines / Power Evacuation
      • Civil Works
      • Gates & Trash racks and hoisting mechanism.
      • Bid packages can be separate as above or in any combination as required.
    • Techno commercial review of the offers received after obtaining the necessary clarification from supplier / contractor.
    • Submit the recommendation to the customer after evaluating all the offers received.
    • Detailed design / Detailed Engineering.
      Preparation of general arrangement drawings, station arrangement drawings, piping layout (air, oil & water) ventilation ducting, singe line diagram, cable schedule, lighting, earthing, lightning protection, outdoor yard layout, cable routing. Power evacuation & transmission lines, drawings & specifications, in consultation with civil consultants and equipment suppliers. Also all the drawings for civil works Review, comment and approve the drawings submitted by supplier / manufacturer for all the equipment included in the scope with a view to ensure compliance with proper specification, quality, and interface management between E & M and civil works and also equipment to equipment. This critical activity will be spread over a long period during the execution of the project. Preparation of all civil works drawings and specification for execution including but not limited to diversion structure, power channel, penstock and or tunnel (as the case may be), intake pool, power house, tail race pool, tail race canal, manufacturing drawings for gates trash racks, hoisting mechanisms, automatic shuttering gates etc, covering the complete scope.
      Single point Coordination of all the Engineering activity will be by Hydrotech Consultants and will be in the format required by Financial Institutions like IREDA / World Bank etc..
  • Quality assurance and inspection services for civil works and Electro mechanical equipment.